What's going on in my head?

An overview

I have always loved to set crazy goals and find my own path in life. In fact, it motivates me when people tell me “you can’t do that”.

A few examples in this regard include when I ran 48 kilometers at age 14 after two weeks of training, when I started my first company at the age of 16, when I wrote and published the book, TOPSTUDENT as 19-year old and when I used my knowledge of productivity and time-management to lead the optimisations that has made the controversial and famous 4-day workweek possible at the digital consultancy, IIH Nordic – with record numbers for both top- and bottom line by the way.

Later, I have traveled, studied and worked around the world and I am now the CEO and co-founder of Resights, while I host Denmark’s leading tech and entrepreneurship podcast, Fremtidsfabrikken and also Denmark’s leading real estate podcast, Ejendomsinvestoren.

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Curiosity and Continuous Learning

Personally, I find learning, or rather continuous learning and curiosity, to be the key element for greatness in any field. At the same time, I think that “learning to learn” is the most important thing for young people. Maybe even for all people.

One thing is to learn through official education and even though I have done great academically, I have always prioritised learning outside the educational system higher.

My view on learning is also influenced by the fact that we are so incredibly privileged in the 21st century. The internet provides us with the opportunity to learn ANYTHING for less than $100 and in most cases for free. As an example, I recently learned spanish through a mix of free digital material and by talking to locals in Latin America and have later taught myself the basics of the programming language, Python using free material I have found online. It is such a shame that only few people take advantage of the great learning opportunities the internet provide when all it takes is spending 30-60 minutes less per day on social media and TV.

I recognise that some people have a harder time learning certain topics than others. As an example, I am no musical talent (even my DNA test show test) but I have still taught myself some songs on guitar and piano to challenge myself. With that said, I am a firm believer that anyone can built new skills within any area as learning primarily is a function of 1) time invested and 2) the learning methods used.


Entrepreneurship and Job Creation

In continuation of my thoughts on learning, I actually started my first small company at the age of 16 with a goal to learn the skills necessary for entrepreneurship. Was the business founded upon a great idea? No. Did it become a big company? No. Did I learn valuable skills? Yes. And that has been the most important for the businesses I have founded and sold so far in my life.

I am now the CEO and cofounder of Resights, a data platform for the real estate industry. With entrepreneurship I strive to provide profits for myself, my partners and investors, create jobs and positively impact society.


Learning turns into knowledge and I love knowledge-sharing just as much as I love learning in the first place.

Podcasting has hit two birds with one stone (sorry birds) as I get to interview and learn from awesome people AND share that with a wider audience. With one my business partners, Eske Gerup, I host Denmark’s leading tech and entrepreneurship podcast, Fremtidsfabrikken.

Aside from Fremtidsfabrikken, I also host Denmark’s leading real estate investing podcast, Ejendomsinvestoren and manage an investor forum with thousands of members.

Aside from podcasting, I have also acted as a mentor for other young people for years. In addition, I also write blog posts when I can find the time. Back in 2015, I shared my knowledge about efficient learning through the book TOPSTUDENT which I wrote and published with Nicklas Brendborg. It was pretty wild to publish my first book at the age of 19 and incredibly motivating to read the appreciation of the thousands of readers that continue to contact us from time to time.

I have also recently taken part in writing Lars Tvede’s 16th book, SUPERTRENDS, about the trends, technologies and unwritten rules that will shape the future. The book is an amazing tool for executives and entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the direction of our world develops. The book will be published in the fall of 2019.

Other than writing books, blog posts and share podcast episodes, I also love to conduct public speeches. Speaking events allow me to look the audience eye to eye, answer questions and enter interesting dialogues. I have held a long list of public speeches for both corporations and educational institutions.

I typically talk about efficient learning (TOPSTUDENT) and time-management and productivity (4-DAY WORKWEEK). You can read more about my public speeches here.

lars 4 dages arbejdsuge

4-Day Work Week and Productivity

The media went CRAZY back in february 2017 when we launched the controversial 4-day workweek (30 hours/week) on full-time salaries at the digital consultancy, IIH Nordic. Most people found it fantastic, while some understandably thought it was some hippie-shit and said that it was unsustainable and bad for business.

Behind the eye-catching headlines, the project is however not some hippie-shit. We spent 18 months optimising the company to make the 4-day workweek possible. We changed the habits of employees, we streamlined a long list of processes, we changed the meeting and mail culture and introduced more automating technology and started outsourcing low-impact tasks to virtual assistants.

It was NOT easy but we learned a ton through the process and ended with this controversial 4-day workweek at fulltime salaries. The results include much lower stress-level and sick-leave as well as much easier recruitment and most importantly for the critics, a record-high top- and bottom line.

Through public speaking, I now share my knowledge about this and which productivity techniques both individuals and organisations can use to work smarter.

It is very important for me to say that I do not recommend corporations to have a 4-day workweek. The “4-day workweek” is not the point. The important is to think outside the box and dare to challenge our current work habits and techniques. We can all work smarter and in return free up time that we can use to achieve even more at work, spend with family and friends, on hobbies, learning or new experiences. After all, time is the only thing we cannot buy more of – for now at least.

Adventure and Alternative Paths

Happiness and experiences for myself and the people around me continue to be my highest priority. I love to live life my own way. That includes continuous learning, starting new projects and has in recent years also been highly influenced by my desire to see the world.

I have worked and studied in 5 different countries and traveled to +90. My goal is to reach 100 countries at the age of 25. I still haven’t decided which country will have the honor of being number 100 though.

My travels have taken me to distanced places and countries such as Transnistria, Malawi, Brunei, Patagonia and the Okavango Delta in Botswana. While trying to convince my friends, my dream trip continuous to be the Mongol Rally, driving from London to Ulaanbaatar while raising money for charity.

Traveling is obviously not equally interesting to everyone. Nevertheless, I think there is an important point in prioritising experiences. Life can end from one day to another as it was close to in January 2017 even though I smile on the post-accident photo. I think it is a shame that so many feel pressured by society and end up postponing their dreams. This goes for dreams of traveling the world, dreams of living abroad, dreams of starting a company, dreams of learning to sing, dance, play music and what other dreams one may have.

Science clearly show that we humans live happier lives when we constantly learn and when we have something to look forward to be it a planned vacation, a personal challenge or a future project. I guess my final point is to make dreams come true by setting goals and making plans for getting from A to B. I keep a bucket list myself that I hold myself accountable for.